Meet the students

  • Fernanda Alvarado
    Fernanda Alvarado
    • DegreesBachelor in chemical engineering; Master in polymer science
    • Project numberInnovaXN_32 2019
    • Project Formation of liposomes - an industrially relevant process
  • A. Baken
    Annet Baken
    • DegreesBachelor in earth sciences; Master in earth surface and water
    • Project numberInnovaXN_05 2020
    • ProjectUnderstanding how green additives control crystallization
  • S. Balugani
    Sophia Balugani
    • DegreesBachelor in physics; Master in material physics and nanoscience
    • Project numberInnovaXN_14 2020
    • ProjectThe properties of warm dense matter for energy generation
  • B. Barletti
    Beatrice Barletti
    • DegreesBachelor in diagnostics and materials for conservation, Master in chemical sciences
    • Project numberInnovaXN_25 2020
    • ProjectNanostructural characterisation of protein interactions with lipid bilayer membranes
  • E. Bersenev
    Egor Bersenev
    • DegreesBachelor in physics; Master in molecular physics and material science
    • Project numberInnovaXN_12 2020
    • ProjectOptimising antimicrobial & cleaning longevity & residuality of polymer-surfactant films
  • L. Bugarin
    Luca Bugarin
    • DegreesBachelor in material science and technology; Master in material science
    • Project numberInnovaXN_02 2020
    • ProjectActivation of small molecules on perovskites- correlation between dopants and structural defects
  • Image of Mattia Collalongo
    Mattia Colalongo
    • DegreesBachelor in chemistry; Master in Physical-Chemistry
    • Project numberInnovaXN_5 2019
    • ProjectLithium battery structure and function
  • Serena Cozzolino
    Serena Cozzolino
    • DegreesBachelor and Master in chemistry, biophysical chemistry
    • Project numberInnovaXN_30 2019
    • ProjectAdhesion and interactions with hair biomolecules
  • K. Dalal
    Kamaldeep Dalal
    • DegreeBachelor in physics; Master in physics
    • Project numberInnovaXN_33 2020
    • ProjectMagnetic proximity in semiconductor–superconductor–ferromagnetic epitaxial systems
  • Gabrielli Di Almeida
    Gabrielli De Almeida
    • DegreesMaster in materials science and engineering, microporous materials
    • Project numberInnovaXN_26 2019
    • ProjectAlkane/alkene separation by molecular sieves
  • C. El Faqir
    Chakib El Faqir
    • DegreesMechanical engineering degree; Master in mechanical science DMS
    • Project numberInnovaXN_31 2019
    • ProjectChemo-hydro-mechanical response of cement paste carbonation
  • Sofia Erikson
    Sofia Erikson
    • DegreesBachelor in chemical engineering; Master in polymer sciences
    • Project numberInnovaXN_22 2019
    • ProjectSustainable molecular design of green polymer/surfactant systems with adaptive microfluidics
  • Ida FAZLIC
    Ida Fazlic
    • DegreesBachelor in conservation and restoration; Master in conservation science
    • Project numberInnova_11 2019
    • ProjectAnalytical chemistry on micro-imaging of industrial and historical paints
    Maureen Fitzpatrick
    • DegreesStudied engineering physics; Master’s of Science degree, school of physics
    • Project numberInnovaXN_1 2019
    • ProjectCapturing additive manufacturing’s laser-matter interactions
    Esther Giron Lange
    • DegreesMaster in physics with integrated masters
    • Project numberInnovaXN_27 2020
    • ProjectStructural role of titanium in commercial glass and glass-ceramic materials
  • T. Guan
    Tong Guan
    • DegreeBachelor in food science and engineering; Master in food technology
    • Project numberInnovaXN_26 2020
    • ProjectThermal and pressure induced protein structuring in meat analogues
  • Anthony Harrup
    Anthony Harrup
    • DegreesBachelor in metallurgical chemical engineering; Master in chemical engineering
    • Project numberInnovaXN_4 2019
    • ProjectAerospace aluminium alloy evolution
  • I. Kicior
    Inga Kicior
    • DegreeBachelor in materials engineering; Master in aerospace materials
    • Project numberInnovaXN_04 2020
    • ProjectGreenhouse gases from friction losses
  • O. Irrazabal
    Olvido Irrazabal
    • DegreeBachelor and Master in inorganic chemistry and chemical engineering
    • Project numberInnovaXN_09 2020
    • ProjectCatalytic dehydrogenation in LOHC technology
  • C. Liao
    Chenyang Liao
    • DegreesBachelor and Master in material science, engineering nanomaterials and electroceramics
    • Project numberInnovaXN_20 2020
    • ProjectProbing proton transport in solid oxide energy conversion and storage systems
  • E. Lubke
    Erik Lübke
    • DegreesBachelor in technical chemistry; Master in technical chemistry
    • Project numberInnovaXN_31 2020
    • ProjectInvestigation of Si-based anodes for Li-ion batteries using X-rays and neutrons
  • D. Mani
    Deepak Mani
    • DegreesBachelor in aerospace engineering; Master in non destructive testing
    • Project numberInnovaXN_03 2020
    • ProjectNext-generation aluminium alloys for 3D-printing affordable satellites
  • Anastasia MOLOKOVA
    Anastasia Molokova
    • DegreesMaster in solid-state physics, crystal and local structure of europium complex oxides
    • Project numberInnovaXN_10 2019
    • ProjectOperando XAS for deNOx catalysis
  • Isabella Mombrini
    Isabella Mombrini
    • DegreesBachelor in material science; Master in physics and chemistry of soft materials
    • Project numberInnovaXN_13 2019
    • ProjectCharacterisation of li-ion battery materials
  • R. Morbidini
    Riccardo Morbidini
    • DegreesBachelor in physics; Master in solid state physics
    • Project numberInnovaXN_21 2020
    • ProjectDiffusion of interesting solute molecules in supramolecular gels for drug delivery
  • I. Mosca
    Ilaria Mosca
    • DegreeBachelor of Science in Physics; Master of Science in Condensed Matter Physics
    • Project numberInnovaXN_29_2019_ILL
    • ProjectMicroscopic dynamic properties of antibody solutions
  • Wenke MÜLLER
    Wenke Mueller
    • DegreesBachelor in chemistry; Master in chemistry
    • Project numberInnovaXN_23 2019
    • ProjectInvestigation of dye-surfactant solution mixtures and it's behaviour at variable pH and salinity.
  • Yi Min NG
    Yi Min NG
    • DegreesBachelor in biomedical Sciences; Master in MRes Cancer qualification
    • Project numberInnovaXN_17 2019
    • ProjectStructural basis of melanogenesis enzymes
  • P. Resende
    Pedro Resende
    • DegreesMetallurgical engineer (BSc), and master in materials science and engineering (MSc)
    • Project numberInnovaXN_13 2020
    • ProjectMultimodal analysis of stress corrosion crack damage in Ni superalloy
  • Michal Ronovsky
    • DegreesBachelor and Master in surface and plasma science
    • Project numberInnovaXN_14 2019
    • ProjectHydrogen fuel cells and water electrolysers
  • M. Stando
    Marta Stando
    • DegreesBachelor in chemistry; Master in chemical sciences
    • Project numberInnovaXN_21 2019
    • ProjectManufacturing process related structure and performance of fuel cell electrode
  • Alexander Suarez
    Alexander Suarez
    • Degrees Bachelor in chemistry; Master in nanoscience
    • Project numberInnovaXN_18 2019
    • ProjectCatalytic removal of nitrogen monoxide
  • Jennifer Sutherland
    Jennifer Sutherland
    • DegreesBachelor in natural sciences and architecture; Master in space science and engineering
    • Project numberInnovaXN_24 2019
    • ProjectLunar application regolith study
  • I. Tertov
    Ilia Tertov
    • DegreeSpecialist degree in chemistry
    • Project numberInnovaXN_22 2020
    • ProjectIn situ synthesis of high-performance electrodes for Li-ion batteries
    Ananthapadmanabhan Unnikrishnan
    • DegreesBachelor of science; Master of science
    • Project numberInnovaXN_30 2020
    • ProjectPolyoxometalates-rich micelles: functionalised mesoporous materials
  • L. Von Scholley
    Luca Von Scholley
    • DegreesBachelor in biochemistry; Master in bioanalytics and molecular biochemistry
    • Project numberInnovaXN_8 2020
    • ProjectUncovering drug targets of polyprotein precursors of SARS-CoV2
  • Samuel Winnall
    Samuel Winnall
    • DegreesBachelor in physics; Master in biological physics and molecular biophysics
    • Project numberInnovaXN_25 2019
    • ProjectInteraction of intelligent drug delivery vehicles
    Ilya Yakovlev
    • DegreesBachelor in medical physics; Masters degree in medical biotechnology
    • Project numberInnovaXN_8 2019
    • ProjectNanocavitation in polymer composites by SAXS/SANS