Based at the joint ESRF-ILL site in Grenoble (France), the students are immersed in the thriving, international research environment of the two international large-scale research infrastructures: the ESRF and ILL.

Training programme

The objective of InnovaXN is to offer an international, inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral training programme for the research students: training-through-research (at the host institutes and through secondments to industry) as well as training on transferable skills. The InnovaXN students will study subjects driven by industry, applying synchrotron and neutron techniques to advance demanding precompetitive R&D. The multi-disciplinary nature of the large-scale research infrastructures, the wealth of techniques available and the existing networks with academia and industry will provide the basis for supporting a wide range of projects with industry. Direct exposure to an industry working environment will be guaranteed by a secondment period with the industry collaborators.

As the focus of InnovaXN is innovation, exceptional events will be organised including a workshop focussing on innovation, intellectual property and company creation. All students shall participate in a minimum of six training modules in transferable skills and six training events in domain-specific research over three years.

InnovaXN aims to help these students to become experts in an industry-related scientific area and in the exploitation of synchrotron and neutron techniques, enhancing career opportunities.

Industry secondments

During the secondments at the premises of industrial collaborators for a minimum of three months, the students will benefit from technological training complementing ESRF/ILL competencies. Critically, the students will also experience science in a commercial environment with quality processes, masnagement of R&D and innovation activities involving various actors, legal officers, funding schemes, innovation marketing, and open innovation units when appropriate.



The ESRF, the European Synchrotron, (, world’s flagship synchrotron-based light source. And the ILL, Institut Laue Langevin (, the world’s most intense continuous source of neutrons working hand in hand for the InnovaXN programme.