Ethics in InnovaXN

Each InnovaXN project is reviewed for ethics issues. An Ethics Committee has been established to review project proposals and to advise on courses of action to avoid or minimise ethics risks.

The Ethics Committee comprises nine members, of whom two are external experts. Also, five are ESRF/ILL experts and two are ESRF/ILL directors, who have the role of observers.

There is a beneficial overlap between the existing ESRF Bioethics Committee and the InnovaXN Ethics Committee as the chairperson of the Bioethics Committee is a member of the InnovaXN Ethics Committee.

The InnovaXN PhD students are each required to assess the potential ethics issues for their projects. This by completing an ethics self-assessment form based on the EU H2020 ethics self-assessment form.

The students will be aided by their supervisors, and the completed form is to be checked by them within a project. Authorisation to begin research is given after the ethics committee have validated the form.