InnovaXN posters at the User Meeting 2021

Three InnovaXN PhD students presented their projects at the User Meeting poster session.


The annual User Meeting organised by the ESRF took place on the 8th February 2021. The User meeting provides an opportunity for users and scientist working at the ESRF to present their work through a presentation or a poster. This was the perfect opportunity for our PhD students to present their projects through posters. Three students rose up to the challenge with the objective of describing their subjects and the methods they are using during their 3-year projects.

The posters are available below:

PhD project about aerospace aluminium alloy evolution, presented by Anthony Harrup, working with Constellium and the Universite Grenoble Alpes

InnovaXN_4 2019 project poster.pdf

PhD project about the investigation of dye-surfactant solution mixtures, presented by Wenke Mueller, working with KAO and the University of Paderborn

InnovaXN_23 2019 project poster.pdf

PhD project about hydrogen fuel cells and water electrolysers, presented by Michal Ronovsky, working with Johnson Matthey and TU Berlin

InnovaXN_14 2019 project poster.pdf

Generic poster about the InnovaXN programme

InnovaXN poster.pdf


The programme is co-directed by Dr Jean Susini (Director of Research, ESRF) and Prof Mark Johnson (Science Director, ILL).

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