InnovaXN posters at the User Meeting 2021

Catching up with Louise Colin

Understanding the properties and interaction of antibody solutions Louise joined the InnovaXN programme in September 2020. Her PhD project at the ILL is focused on the microscopic dynamic properties of antibody solutions in collaboration with Lonza AG and the University of Tubingen. The project consists in improving the injected properties in drugs for therapeutic uses. […]

Catching up with Samuel Winnall

Developing smart drug delivery Samuel joined the InnovaXN programme on the 7th September 2020. His PhD project at the ILL is focused on the interaction of intelligent drug delivery vehicles with model biomembranes in collaboration with AstraZeneca and the University of Manchester. The project aims to gain fundamental understanding of the interactions underpinning a range […]

InnovaXN posters at the User Meeting 2021

Three InnovaXN PhD students presented their projects at the User Meeting poster session.   The annual User Meeting organised by the ESRF took place on the 8th February 2021. The User meeting provides an opportunity for users and scientist working at the ESRF to present their work through a presentation or a poster. This was […]

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