Best presentation of a Young Researcher: achievement completed!

During the XVI International Workshop on Complex Systems, which took place in Andalo (Trento, Italy) from 13 to 17 March 2023, Ilaria Mosca presented the results obtained so far in her research, and was awarded a  prize for the Best Presentation of a Young Researcher!

Ilaria Mosca is an InnovaXN student who is investigating the microscopic dynamic properties of antibody solutions for her Ph.D. Antibody protein injections are used in various therapies. The conflicting requirements of minimising the injection volumes and limited injectable viscosities motivate pharmaceutical research on dense aqueous antibody solutions. The macroscopic phase behaviour in protein solutions may depend on minute changes of, for instance, the temperature in a physiologically relevant range.

Through a collaboration between ILL, ESRF, Lonza, and the University of Tubingen, Ilaria’s project involves the combination of small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering, high-resolution neutron spectroscopy as well as Neutron Spin-Echo (NSE) technique to obtain a dynamic picture of the molecular level of antibody solutions.

The International Workshop on Complex Systems takes place every 3 years and it aims to be an instrumental meeting point for the broad community working in the field of complex systems. Taking part in this event was a once in a PhD opportunity and a it not only represents a valuable experience but also paves the way to other networking and collaboration opportunities where our young scientist will be able to raise her profile as a researcher.

We wish Ilaria all the best, not only for the completion of the InnovaXN journey but also for whatever will come afterward!