Become an InnovaXN partner

InnovaXN is an exciting new COFUND programme with a core aim to enhance the exploitation of the ESRF’s and ILL’s X-ray and neutron beamlines for industrial R&D. InnovaXN will open the doors of these European research institutes for 40 companies to work with 40 PhD students in an innovative training and research environment – looking into the heart of materials for better processing and products.

The industrial partners will bring challenging pre-competitive research needs, harvested through an open ideation and co-design process for research projects and mobility at the collaborating industrial companies. The industry partner will be strongly involved at all stages of the project, joining supervisory meetings, and providing transnational mobility opportunities and training in research in a commercial environment. Each student will be expected to spend at least three months at the site of the industry partner for their project.
The InnovaXN programme duration is 60 months and will comprise two calls, each recruiting 20 students.

Deadline for the 1st call for the industrial partners: 30 September 2019

For more information, contact the Business and Industry teams at ESRF and ILL

Dr Edward Mitchell + 33 476 882 664

Dr Caroline Boudou + 33 476 207 209